In collaboration with science outreach and advocacy groups, We the Scientists compile educational resources including plans for traditional science outreach and science advocacy training materials.
Traditional Outreach: Outreach is a powerful way to increase public support for science. We the Scientists have partnered with Columbia University Neuroscience Outreach Group (CUNO) to offer pre-formulated outreach materials focused on engaging the community in and outside the classroom. These plans include activities suitable for youth and adults.
Advocacy Training: We the Scientists chapters have participated in pro-science political action including writing op-eds, phone banking, and visiting legislative offices. We are building resources for citizens that want to make their voices heard.
You can find our current library of resources available below. If you are interested in sharing outreach or advocacy resources through us, get in touch

Youth Education Resources

The Jelly Bean Test

Use jelly beans or another candy to teach young children about the sense of taste! Please find the lesson plan and powerpoint attached. 

Two Point Touch

Use calipers to teach children about sensory neurons in their skin. 
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Adult Educational Resources

Late Night Science

Late Night Science is an adult seminar series started by CUNO. This seminar series brings people of all ages into the lab and highlights ongoing research. The Google Doc below is a guide to set up a similar seminar series.

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How to Write an Op-Ed

Op-Eds are often the best way to reach out to your local officials and communities. Please see our guide below on how to write an effective editorial piece. If you would like to look at a well written ediotrial by a science advocate please click here or here

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