We the Scientists Charter


Article I. Purpose


Science is a principal tool human society uses to parse its existence. Over the past few decades, the American political landscape has become increasingly polarized, and political discourse has moved away from valuing scientific principles and evidence.

We the Scientists strives to promote the use of sensible science in policy-making. To that end, we provide tools for scientists and science supporters to 1) hold their elected officials accountable for their voting record on science-related legislation and 2) educate their communities about the intersection of science and policy.

Article II. General Membership 


Any interested party can join We The Scientists and participate in We The Scientists outreach activities.

Article III. Chapter Organization, Membership, and Duties


  1. We the Scientists chapters must be formed around either a geographical location or an academic institution.

  2. All new chapters must contact the national board for approval and incorporation.

  3. All We the Scientists chapters must abide by the Chapter Requirements and Guidelines.

Article IV. Board of Directors


  1. Board Membership

    1. We the Scientists will be led by a national Board of Directors consisting of at least four voting members.

    2. Changes in board membership require a unanimous vote of the current board of directors.

    3. The board will be led by a chair selected from the voting members. Chair duties will rotate quarterly.

  2. Meeting

    1. The Board of Directors will meet at least monthly. 

    2. The current Chair shall preside over meetings if present; if they cannot attend, they will designate another Board member to preside in their stead.

  3. Board Voting

    1. All issues that come to vote will be public record.

    2. Changes to this Constitution or board composition must be approved by a unanimous vote of the current board of directors. For additional detail, see Article VI.

    3. All other votes will be decided by a 60% majority.

Article V. Advisory Board


  1. In addition to the Board of Directors, We the Scientists will have an Advisory Board, composed of advisors who do not have voting power but may participate in board meetings as needed to offer advice and perspective.

  2. Advisory Board members will be chosen by a vote of the Board of the Directors at the start of each calendar year.

Article VI. Officers


  1. A treasurer will be appointed yearly from the voting members of the board.  All financial decisions must be approved by the board.

  2. An archivist will be appointed yearly from the voting members of the board. The archivist will be responsible for keeping records and contact information of We The Scientist members. They will also be responsible for keeping records of all meetings of the Board of Directors and Amendments to the Constitution. The archivist will also act as parliamentarian for all voting actions. 

  3. A public outreach coordinator will be appointed yearly to manage communications and the website.

  4. Other positions may be created by the board as needs arise. All created positions will be ratified by a majority vote by the board.

Article VII. Amendments


  1. Amendments to the Constitution or Chapter Requirements may be proposed by any member of the organization.

  2. Amendments to the Constitution shall be voted on by the Board of Directors, and require unanimous approval.

  3. Amendments to Chapter Requirements will require a majority vote of all members of the organization. This voting will be carried out electronically to ensure all members have an opportunity to participate.