Starting a We The Scientists Chapter


How to Form a Chapter
  • New chapters must apply to WtS National for board approval (use contact box below).
  • Chapters must identify with a particular constituency, and may not reflect any non-scientist special interest group. The chapter name should follow one of the following examples:
    • We the Scientists: State
    • We the Scientists: Geographical Locale
    • We the Scientists: Academic Institution
  • WtS National reserves the right to review, revise, and revoke chapter activities according to a board vote.
Administrative Duties
  • WtS Chapters are bound by the We The Scientists Charter.
  • Chapters will hold at least two general meetings per year.
  • Chapters will nominate a point of contact with WtS National. This person is responsible for:
    • Submitting a twice-annual report of chapter activities to the board, including documentation that chapter requirements have been met.
    • Conducting as-needed communication with WtS National.
  • Chapters will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability status.
Contribution to Factsheet Database
  • Each chapter will be responsible for creating and maintaining:
    • A database of science-related legislation in their district
    • A database of legislators’ voting records on that legislation
  • Databases must be created in accordance with the WtS Factsheet Pipeline (available soon)
  • These databases will be submitted to WtS National for factsheet generation and inclusion at
Contribution to Education and Outreach Efforts
  • Chapters will contribute at least one educational resource to the national database within their first year.
  • Chapters will hold at least two outreach events per year.

Current Chapters:

  • Southern California

  • Greater NYC Area

  • University of Utah

If you would like to form a chapter or get in contact with these groups, please use the contact form to the right. 

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